Choose The Experts At Epic Plumbing San Tan Valley

Choose The Experts At Epic Plumbing San Tan Valley

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Choose The Experts At Epic Plumbing San Tan Valley
On Time Services

On Time Services

Our plumber will arrive at your door on time ready to solve your problem.

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  • Detect any issues before they spell big trouble.
On Time Services

Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies don’t see the time before coming, and sometimes they even come at the most inconvenient time like during holidays, weekends etc. But worry not when American Plumbing Company is by your side. We offer 24/7 plumbing services for 365 days to our clients. So, no matter if the plumbing issue arises during midnight, we will resolve it in no time. We don’t consider any project big or small; if it is an emergency for you, it is for us too. During emergencies, we are quick to dispatch our plumbers to your home. Here are some of the plumbing emergencies that we can help you with:

  • Burst Pipes– Burst pipes are one of the most disastrous plumbing emergencies that you shouldn’t ignore. It can not only increase your water bill but also can cause serious damage to your property. If you suspect burst pipes, contact American Plumbing Company immediately. Before the plumber arrives, you should close the water supply to limit the damage to the property. Once our plumber is at the site, he will take care of the burst pipe or pipe leakage.
  • Frozen Pipes – Frozen pipe is another plumbing emergency that you shouldn’t neglect as it can lead to a burst pipe. In the winter days, when the temperature can get really low, the water in the pipes can freeze, which can damage your pipes. The first thing that you should do in this case after contacting your reliable plumber is to thaw the pipes. This will prevent the bursting of the pipes.
Professional Assitance
We provide professional assitance and immediate plumbing repair and installation services.
Check & Maintenance
We assure you that we offer affordable plumbing services that are genuine and guaranteed.
Services & Repair
We can easily handle everything from regular drain cleaning to complex commercial pipe leaking.
  • Malfunctioning Water Heater – We all need hot water all the time for bathing, cooking, washing, cleaning etc. You cannot stop doing the essential daily activities when your water heater gives up, so here we are to fix your water heater. Our plumbers will check the water heater thoroughly and will identify the cause of the issue. Once detected, they will resolve it in no time. In case your water heater is not repairable, we will replace it with the new one without any delay because we don’t want you to live without hot water even for a day.

When it comes to plumbing emergencies, you should always pick a plumbing company that is reliable and professional. You should always prepare in advance and keep the contact number of your favourite plumber handy so that during emergencies, you can immediately get the service in the least possible time. Fortunately, Epic Plumbing is by your side so that you don’t have to worry about any kind of plumbing emergency.

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